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Augmenting your medical capabilities are strategic decisions critical to the health of your organization and its personnel.

Let Aspitha help make those decisions achieve success for

your mission.

About Aspitha

Unlike any other medical company serving the security and protection community, Aspitha provides our clients with direct, 24/7 access to our staff of medical doctors (MDs). Comprising general surgeons and intensive care physicians, both adult and pediatric, Aspitha’s physicians provide our clients with the confidence of knowing the full breadth of their medical needs—from routine health checks to the most challenging medical and surgical conditions—are adeptly and professionally managed. On the road, in the air, at sea; in the office or at home, Aspitha goes leagues beyond any other medical service to provide our clients with bespoke medical solutions!

Retaining Aspitha’s services begins with an initial consultation at a location convenient for our clients. A full, in-depth discussion takes place exploring the full range of potential medical services a company may require. As an added benefit of engaging Aspitha’s services our future partners will have experienced medical providers who can positively engage insurance providers, risk managers, investigators, legal counsel and, importantly, principals and their personal physicians.

Our years of experience with medical and surgical sub-specialists and ancillary staff give Aspitha the ability to liaise with any provider to ensure effective clinical solutions for security and protection companies and their clients!

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