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Medical Oversight

Aspitha provides medical direction and control—including emergency and urgent care services—onsite or via telemedicine networks wherever our partners may be. Unlike other medical services, our physicians have medical licensure to individually practice in multiple States. This allows us to provide direct medical care wherever our industry partners operate.

Additional Services Include:

  • Digital prescriptions and medical record communications via Aspitha’s private electronic medical record system for company personnel and clients.

  • Laboratory services available at over 2,000 U.S. locations through our affiliate partners.

  • Integration of performance improvement and quality control metrics to satisfy insurance, risk management and medico-legal assessments.

  • Maintaining certification and licensure requirements for company employees including obtaining malpractice and professional liability insurance as needed.

  • Development of medical protocols and standards including medical equipment maintenance and necessary acquisitions.

  • Wellness programs, periodic health examinations including fitness for duty, return to work & disability determinations.

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