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Education and Training

Aspitha provides medical education and training through three (3) proprietary educational programs.
those instructors and companies looking to maintain or augment their medical education certifications, create and monitor internal quality improvement programs, and avail themselves on current tactical medical thinking and training, Aspitha’s educational products definitively make the grade!

Beginning with our “Train the Trainer” program, attendees will learn how medical educators approach the adult learner through an “inverted classroom” approach. From there, our proprietary integrated trauma educational course provides a focused trauma educational program over the breadth of subjects germane to security and protection specialists. And, our medical director course teaches clinicians how to create and maintain a medical program for the health and
benefit of their company, its personnel and their clients!

We also offer periodic updates and refresher courses as part of a customized training program to ensure participants retain their skills while providing a definite cost benefit to organizations. Lastly, through our affiliate educational partners, we offer fundamental and advanced programs including:

  • First Responder Training (Basic & Advanced Life Support)

  • Bleeding Control & Trauma Life Support

  • Pre-Deployment medical training

  • Foreign nation medical training

First Aid Instructor Showing Resuscitation Technique On Dummy.jpg
Immediate Responders

Basic first aid to advanced cardiac life support; both adult and pediatric certification available.

Trauma Training

Advanced trauma life support education and procedural skills for pre-hospital, in-house personnel and field operatives. 

SWAT paramedic.jpg
Tactical Medicine

Mission-customized training for law enforcement agencies and military clients worldwide. 

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